College Funding Planning

Our College Funding Planning Services (outlined below) are designed to get you "other peoples money" (free money) versus your money to pay for college, use your money in the most effective way, plus help you successfully navigate through the financial aid process.

College "Free Money" Opportunities: Pick the "Right School" For My Pocketbook

  • Identify Opportunities for "Other People's Money" vs. "Your Money"
  • Review of Your College List for Likely "Free Money"
  • Use of Proprietary College Cost Data to Identify "Schools with Money"
  • Locate Schools with "Free Money" Matched for Student, Plus Parent Financial Goals
  • Customized Strategies to Increase Eligibility for Need-Based Financial Aid
  • Personalized Determination of College "True Cost" vs. "Sticker Price"

Prepare a Comprehensive, Integrated College Funding Financial Plan: Most Effective Use of "Your Money"
  • Comprehensive, Integrated College Funding Plan
  • Experience/Expertise in Finding "Other People's Money"
  • Team of Financial Professionals that Specialize in College Planning
    • CPA's (Certified Public Accountants)
    • FINRA Securities License Professionals (series 7 and 66)
    • Insurance Licensed Professionals
    • CCPS (Certified College Planning Specialists)
  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Reduce Taxes
  • Improve Overall Financial Situation
  • Analyze Current Financial Situation, including Ability to Pay for College
  • Review Eligibility for Need-Based College Funding (before and after strategies)
  • If Eligible, Develop Planning Strategies to Increase Eligibility for Need-Based College Funding
  • Reduce EFC under both Federal and Institutional Financial Aid Formulas
  • Establish Financial Planning Strategies to Pay Out-Of-Pocket Costs in the Most Effective Way
  • Determine "Best Way to Pay the College Bill" (including College Loans, Tuition Pay Plans, etc.)
  • Explore Options to Improve Overall Family Financial Situation: Cash Flow, Asset Protection, Tax Reduction, Investment Allocation and Risk
  • Optimize Use of Existing Family Resources
  • Integrate Plan with Existing Tax, Investment and Retirement Strategies/Plans
  • Planning for Life After College

Get Through the Financial Aid Process (On Time!)
  • CPA-Estimated Tax Returns to Complete Financial Aid Forms
  • Prepare All Financial Aid Forms (FAFSA, PROFILE, Institutional, Verification, etc.)
  • Review and "decipher" Financial Aid Packages
  • Help Negotiate with Schools for "More Free Money"
  • Assist with College Loan Applications (if applicable)