We are proud of our track record of success – please take a moment to read some of our testimonials below, plus feel free to contact us for references!

“To Perry and your entire team,

To use your college financial planning services was for sure one the best decisions taken by me and my family. We liked it very much. We can see the results for both of our daughters. It was comprehensive, well planned, consultative, timed, and was with proper guidance. My older daughter will be a sophomore at a top public college in New Jersey beginning Fall 2012. She was ultimately awarded $34,534 by the school after going through your negotiation process. My oldest daughter’s financial aid package was $13,200  at her college while my younger daughter has been awarded $34, 534 by her college of choice.

Your negotiation process is worded so nicely and is explained in such a way that no one feels that you are a bargainer. I cannot believe how my daughter’s school kept on increasing the award just by asking politely and substantiating the same with good enough reasons. I remember way back in January 2012 when I was going back and forth with the Financial Aid office I was not feeling comfortable and called James and asked him if it was alright to keep on pursuing so as not to leave an impression being cheap by negotiating and not to have any adverse effect on my daughter who was anyways going to go there. James told me 2 things, be polite and not think the way I was thinking, as it was my thinking and not theirs. It worked. They kept increasing the award.

Last but not least, after doing my taxes, we found out that our actual AGI was approx. $6,000 less then what we had estimated on the CSS profile. I requested this to them politely, put it in a Word file. We were delighted to see that the school increased the award.”

Jay P.


“Please pass along my regards to Perry & Staff!

A special “thank you” to Perry & the entire College Insights team for your expertise, professional guidance and parent support in helping us achieve the best possible college opportunities for our son. Perry puts into perspective the college entrance process and understands how the “system” works. The reality of sending your child to college can be overwhelming. The College Insights team understands all of the necessary requirements to obtain the best financial package for your child and guids you throughout the process.

Our son is now attending a private university and received over $25,000 in merit-based scholarships. An outstanding service for any parent seeking the best advice in helping their child reach their academic goals.”

David S.


“When we first started the process of selecting schools, we had only considered applying to state schools, believing that this was the only way we could afford to send our daughter to college. After meeting with Perry and learning that there were schools out there that had plenty of money and had the program my daughter was interested in, we expanded our school list to include several private institutions. I am happy to say that my daughter is currently at one of those private institutions where she received $18,500 in scholarships. I am happy that I met with and made the commitment to work with the professionals at College Insights.”

Maria G.


“I had my first meeting with Perry in February of my son’s senior year and did not know anything aout the financial aid process. I quickly learned that I was running out of time. The deadlines for applying for aid were less than a week away. Perry and his staff guided us through the process in a timely and professional manner. I am happy to say that my son is attending a private university from which he received $31,200 in aid. That included an additional $15,000 we received as a result of negotiation that Perry directed on our behalf.”

Jim M.


“One of the wisest and most important decisions in my life was to accept an invitation to a free dinner seminar presented by Perry De Fontaine. Perry is genuine, intelligent, and sincere. He truly wants to inform parents of the “inside” college-funding secrets and the options that are afforded to parents that they may be unaware of.

Since my husband owns a business, I did not expect to recieve any free money. With College Insight’s expertise and wonderful customer service, we were able to save a substantial amount of money.

The entire staff at College Insights is professional, helpful, and highly efficient. The staff has given us wonderful advice on college selections and most importantly, funding the college of choice. They are always there for you.

My overall experience with College Insights has been unbelievable. I’m extremely satisfied with the results of their hard work. If it were not for the staff’s expertise, I would not have been able to afford my daughter’s education at (a NJ Private University).”

MaryAnn R.


“I just received a call from Peggy at your office following-up to see how my son, Sam did with his college financial aid packages. I am delighted to report that Sam was accepted by (a New York Private University) (his first choice) and received a scholarship and grant combination totaling $17,100! Before speaking with you, I didn’t think Sam would be eligible for financial assistance since he had a B average and our family income is too high to qualify for federal Pell grant or work-study. Sam has his heart set on studying finance and economics at the university, but didn’t think we would be able to afford a private school. Thankfully, the help and advice I received from you and Maria and Peggy gave me confidence that my son’s financial aid applications were completed accurately and positioned him in the best possible way to qualify for as much assistance as possible.

The results are outstanding and I can’t thank you enough for making my son’s first choice school affordable for our family. Please feel free to use me as a reference and thanks again for your expertise and helpfulness.”

Beth T.


“Just wanted to thank you and your team for the help with Hal. He was accepted the offer to (a Rhode Island Private University) and will be attending there the beginning of August. With your help and guidance, as well as the help from your staff, we were able to secure scholarships, grants, and other offers from the university to almost completely cover the cost of tuition and fees. I am very proud of my son and his ability to help arrange this and thankful to College Insights for all of the help you provided.

Also, Perry can you give a special thanks to Lisa for all of her help? She was the one that steered us to the university in the first place. She thought Hal would come very close to a “free ride” and well, she was right on the money!”

Henry C.