Why College Insights?

Benefits to You:
We will help you:

    • Find the Best College Fit for your student so they graduate on time!
    • Prepare and Position your student to be attractive to more colleges!
    • Choose the right college for your pocketbook by using other people's money vs. your money -- ultimately, showing you how to save thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars of college costs per year, per student!
    • Successfully navigate the financial aid process to gain access to the most money available!
    • Successfully navigate through the college application process to gain access to your student's schools of choice
    • Use your money more effectively with a comprehensive, integrated college funding plan!

Families that use our College Insights services get real results and maximize college success! For a recent graduating class, our clients received grants/scholarships averaging $19,200 from private colleges/universities ranging from $3,000 to $43,400! After helping with the financial negotiations, our families received additional money, ranging from $1,000 to $33,000!

Additionally, students that use our college counseling services get into their top choice schools!

Other service providers are available; however, their services are typically limited to only portions of what you really need. Furthermore, these services can be expensive! For example:

    • Popular SAT Test Prep classes alone range from $1,000 -$2,000+!
    • College admissions/academic counseling service packages vary from $3,000 and reach as high as $35,000+!

At College Insights, our services are priced to provide incredible value! Whether you need college information, college planning, or help with college funding and financial aid, we can help you! Please contact us today for an appointment at either of our locations - Princeton, New Jersey or Freehold, New Jersey!