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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

College Is Expensive?

  • Average total cost of attendance of an in-state public school in the USA is $27,300
  • Average total cost of attendance of an out-of-state public school in the USA is $44,200
  • Average total cost of attendance of a private school in the USA is $55,800

College is not an expense, it is an investment in your child's future?

  • College graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree earn $65,400 a year versus $40,500 a year for a high school graduate (Master’s degree = $80,200, Professional Degree = $120,500)
  • College graduates have lower smoking rates, higher levels of civic participation (including volunteering, voting, and blood donation), and lower levels of unemployment

The private college counselor business has been booming?

  • 26% of high-achieving students hired an independent college consultant
  • The average family hiring an educational consultant in the U.S. is a public-school family making a middle-class income
  • The average ratio of American public high-school students per guidance counselor is 482 to 1, and guidance counselors spend an average of just 38 minutes discussing each individual student’s college search and application process

Help is available and the key is finding it?

  • The top 120 colleges in the USA ranked by endowment size in 2020 have a total of $515 billion dollars of endowments; total colleges in USA is $691 billion
  • 82% of students attending private colleges receive a college grant; the average discount (FREE MONEY!) is $18,200
  • Approximately 75% of USA colleges/universities are “private” with higher “sticker prices” that most families avoid
  • For the decade from 2010/2011 to 2020/2021, college FREE money increased by 62%; for the same period, Federal Pell Grants decreased by 39%

Finding the "right school" saves you money, the "wrong school" will cost you?

  • 63% of students attend more than one 4-year college
  • Only 42% of students graduate in 4 years with a Bachelor’s degree
  • Only 67% of students graduate in 6 years with a Bachelor’s degree


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