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What are your options? At College Insights, we have designed our services to assist you (both the student and the parents) with everything you need for college success! Not only are our services customized to your unique situation, we provide you with guidance, information, and support that maximize college success! Lastly, these services include direct access 1:1 with Perry De Fontaine himself!

In summary, we offer our Services in 2 ways:

  • 1:1 Phone/Zoom Meetings with Perry directly billed per hour (currently $200/hour)
  • Discounted College Insights “packages” – what we call “Intro”, “Silver”, “Gold”, or “Platinum”.  For more information, CLICK HERE

We recommend the best and easiest way to get started is simply choose from the 2 options below:

Option 1

  • Book a 1-hour introductory 1:1 meeting directly with Perry. Normally $200, this “intro” meeting is offered for $125! In this meeting, Perry will:
    • Discuss and assess your current college plan
    • Give options and opportunities to improve your plan
    • Outline his vision for your college success
    • Provide his recommendations of how College Insights can help you further
    • Answer any questions you may have

Option 2

  • Sign-up for the “Intro Package” for $497 (IF a la carte, price would be $900). Package includes:
    • 4+ hours of Perry 1:1 meetings and his dedicated analysis on your college situation
      • “Intro” 1:1 meeting directly with Perry (outlined above)
      • 2 additional 1:1 meetings directly with Perry and his dedicated analysis – “Get to Know You” and a preliminary list of “right colleges”. For more info, CLICK HERE 
    • College Insights “Welcome Kit” mailed to you:
      • College Insights Student Planning Guide (Calendar/Checklist). For a sample page, CLICK HERE
      • College Insights Parent Planning Guide (Calendar/Checklist). For a sample page, CLICK HERE
      • Latest FISKE Guide to Colleges

Let's Work Together

Whatever you decide, we are to help you!