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Welcome to College Insights!

College Insights is a college planning firm created, by our Founder and President, Perry De Fontaine, over 20 years ago, helping families throughout the USA. Our mission is to help families send their children to colleges of their dreams they never thought they could afford! We educate and inform the public about options and opportunities to “Pay for College Without Going Broke””!

In addition to being the author of an Amazon national #1 best-seller on how to “Pay for College Without Going Broke”, Perry is a CPA and has done hundreds of educational presentations, workshops and seminars regarding college planning and financial aid. He is also the creator and author of a blog (“Get College Financial Aid”) focusing on providing free information on how to get tens of thousands per year in FREE financial aid from the colleges themselves!

Our comprehensive college planning services are designed to provide families with real help and real solutions to give families the best results and to maximize college success! These services are customized to address each family’s unique situation — no matter what the college budget!

Please take a few moments and read through the information contained on this website. We are confident that, no matter what your unique financial situation is, we can help each and every one of you!

Please contact us and let’s get started!

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College Insights has a proven Ideal Approach and a Formula for Success!



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