Welcome to College Insights: College Information, College Planning, and Financial Aid in Freehold, NJ and Princeton, NJ

College Insights is a comprehensive college planning firm in central New Jersey (with offices in Princeton and Freehold), helping families throughout the region. Our mission is to help families send their children to colleges of their dreams they never thought they could afford! We educate and inform the public about options and opportunities to make college affordable for all families (with financial aid and college funding options), and to work with students to help them get accepted to the college of their choice (with college information and planning.)

In addition to our educational presentations, workshops and seminars, our unique, comprehensive college services are designed to provide families with REAL HELP and REAL SOLUTIONS to give families the BEST RESULTS and to MAXIMIZE COLLEGE SUCCESS!!

Our team of professionals includes College Admissions Counselors (NACAC, NJACAC), financial professionals (CPA's, Certified College Planning Specialists, financial planners/advisors), and support staff who work with both students and parents to pick the right college for both your child...and your pocketbook!

Please contact us for upcoming events and/or for more information on how we can help you with your college-planning journey. Our offices are located in Princeton, New Jersey and Freehold, New Jersey!

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